Church Camp

Church Camp is a great way
for your children and youth to
make lasting memories
and grow in the Lord.

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Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers are an important part of the family at Hurricane Church of Christ. We aim to help our youth develop a personal faith and deep love for God through acts of service and worship. We also help them build a support group that will not only strengthen their own faith but strengthen the faith of others and to help them get through the challenges that come with middle school and high school.

We work hard to help our teens grow into the person that God made them to be and equip them with the skills needed in their Christian life now and in the future.


Beginning in June 2015, Hurricane Church of Christ will be blessed with a summer intern. Seth Howard will be working the the youth at our church throughout the summer. We are excited to see the plans God has for Seth and our church.

Contact David Trader for more information on our Youth program or check our Events Calendar for upcoming events.